Jake’s extensive experience in both the military and law enforcement sectors is quite impressive. His journey began in 2006 when he joined the Oregon Army National Guard as an infantryman.

This initial step into the military world set the foundation for his future accomplishments.

In 2010, Jake’s commitment to serving his country was further solidified through his deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This experience undoubtedly contributed to his development both personally and professionally.

Upon returning from Iraq, Jake’s pursuit of academic excellence led him to Portland State University. Here, he successfully obtained a degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice. This academic achievement was a significant milestone, aligning well with his military background and future career aspirations.

Continuing his upward trajectory, Jake then attended Accelerated Officer Candidate School. This rigorous program would have further honed his leadership skills and military knowledge. His determination and hard work paid off when he was selected for the position of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer in the Washington Army National Guard. This selection is a testament to his capabilities and potential.

In 2014, Jake’s commitment and dedication led him to graduate from the Navy School Explosive Ordnance Disposal. This specialized training is highly respected and is known for its difficulty and the expertise it imparts. As a Captain in the Army National Guard, Jake’s roles have been diverse and critical.

He has served as an EOD Platoon Leader, EOD Operations Officer, and Company Commander. Each of these roles demands a high level of responsibility, leadership, and technical knowledge.

After his time in command, Jake was chosen as a TAC Officer/Instructor for the State Officer Candidate School. This role involves training and mentoring future officers, a crucial responsibility that shapes the next generation of military leaders.

Parallel to his military career, Jake has also made significant contributions in law enforcement. His five years as a Deputy Sheriff on Patrol encompassed a range of duties, including being a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Lockpicker. These roles require a unique blend of physical skill, mental acuity, and teaching ability.

In the realm of martial arts and tactical training, Jake’s qualifications are equally impressive. He is an Army Tactical Combatives Instructor, a Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics instructor, and holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These skills not only enhance his capabilities in his professional roles but also make him a valuable asset as an instructor.

Lastly, Jake’s involvement as a Sheepdog Response instructor under Tim Kennedy adds another layer to his multifaceted profile. Sheepdog Response, known for its focus on self-defense, situational awareness, and tactical training, aligns perfectly with Jake’s background and expertise.

In summary, Jake’s journey through the military, academia, law enforcement, and tactical training is a story of continuous growth, dedication, and service. His diverse roles and achievements are a testament to his commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire and lead others in various high-stakes environments.