There are multiple kinds of black belt instructors from karate to Brazilian jiujitsu, BJJ.

The main difference is time put in in physical sparring and training.

I’ve met multiple black belts over the years who are self promoted to the Rank of black belt In karate like martial arts.

Don’t get me wrong mixed martial arts has Its place like aikido. But these days it’s bringing a lot of false confidence to adults in teens who believe their magic powers can Stop a adult male Or can dominate a fight By using a pressure point or  Kick in the shin.

If these martial arts were truly effective they would be in the UFC Or picked up by the military For army combative like Brazilian jujitsu.


Brazilian jujutsu can be traced back by linage and time served with a multiple competitions and training partners.

It’s rare that a individual switches instructors 4 don’t continue on through affiliation.

There’s always red flags when students don’t respect the instructor or their own professors don’t claim their instructors.

Published: November 2, 2022

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