Martial arts of Waco Texas

We always get asked what is Brazilian jiujitsu and Muaythai striking compared to karate.

Starting with Brazilian jujitsu Which is probably the hardest of all martial arts to master.

Brazilian jiujitsu usually takes place from the standing position and eventually ends up on the ground either in the form of a clinch and/or takedown or throw.

Once on the ground, the 2 competitors fight for dominant positions and eventually end up in a submission usually a choke or a joint lock of some kind until one opponent taps and/or submits.

Brazilian jiujitsu can take anywhere from 3-8 months before understanding basic rules and concepts.

Karate is uniquely popular in America and Is throughout the world. Karate is always evolving changing throughout the martial arts community. Karate involves certain body movements usually for memorization and mass repetition.

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